Business Class Bus

Your business class bus – for dinner, for sightseeing or as an exhibition shuttle. We will get you safely and punctually to your destination and back again. For large events, we can provide reliable transport for up to 5000 guests.
Our coach drivers are very experienced and prepared for all your needs.

For bigger events we offer a combination with one or more Dispatchers.

You are welcome to download a reference brochure for this coach service: Business-Class-Bus

With one of our business class buses, you have the opportunity of getting a large group of guests from A to B economically and in style, or use our buses for a shuttle service for your event. The business class bus has a capacity for up to 76 guests.
Use this vehicle size to get your guests to your event location quickly and reliably. We would be pleased to offer you a customised solution tailored to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the perfect transport solution for your event.


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